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EVA Stable Mats

EVA stable mats provide a lightweight and easy to manage alternative to the more traditional rubber mats, whilst still offering excellent comfort & insulation from the cold for your horse. Our EVA mats come with edging strips, so that you have the option to interlock them with other mats or not. It is important to leave a 10-20mm gap around the perimeter of the mats to allow room to allow the mats to settle and expand, as you may experience the mats lifting. If this does happen, you can trim the mats to fit. Benefits of Stable Matting.


20mm Interlocking EVA Mat

6ft x 4ft x 20mm

24mm Interlocking EVA Mat

6ft x 4ft x 24mm

34mm Interlocking EVA Mat

6ft x 4ft x 34mm

10mm EVA Stable Wall Mat

6ft x 4ft x 10mm